STATS – Three Poems | Daily Post Prompt

I selected three of my top posts, which are poems, at I did filter them by selecting the top three that were not responses to writing challenges, but written spontaneously. That is, they garnered views on their own rather than being directed from another site. Also, I used the stats for this year.

All three poems derive from my personal life; two relate to the present day, and one from early childhood (age 5 to 11). Two of the poems are serious, and one is…silly.

Two posts include photos; one of the present-day poems is without a photo.

Two of the three poems are prose poems; I have been participating in a workshop on Prose Poetry, led by Pamelyn Casto, but not have posted any of my own prose poetry to the workshop. (I have written prose poetry previously, some of which are part of haibun, some presented in a standard poetry formats.)

My previously, formally published poetry and prose usually end up on my blogs as “pages” rather than “posts”. I did not include them in my determination of Top Posts. On this blog I almost always post poetry, and I expect that poetry is what most of my followers expect. None of my poems are long, and some include additional commentary.

The two more serious poems actually ended up with a number of responses, some of it dialog.

It never would have occurred to me to consider the statistics. Fun!

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s Prompt for 9 February 2016: The Stat Connection.


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