Tips for decorating a caravan

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Caravan decal stickers consists of many little steps to achieve the desired outcome of your liking. The first step of the decorative process is painting the caravan. Removing doors and cupboards is normally wise as you begin the process as it makes it easier to paint them. As you remove them be sure to remember which door or cupboard should go where, by labeling them.

The next step is to give them a light sanding with a medium sandpaper of your choosing. Then use a cupboard make-over undercoat paint or primer which is very important to the process. This will give the desired finish to welcome the topcoat which should be added next.

The next step is to paint the walls and ceilings with the same make-over undercoat paint as used for the cupboards and the second coat with emulsion paint or use caravan stickers. This gives a lovely matt finish that looks great on the ceiling.

The next touch of décor that will add a beautiful touch is wallpaper. Modern or traditional will add a special touch, so its all up to your preference. There is no reservation to applying vehicle wraps campbellfield, it can be done on just about any surface. Check the walls for grease before application to ensure a smooth bubble free installation.

It’s quite a brave adventure decorating a caravan and a messy one too but stick it out and you will be happy you did!

In the end, if you have vehicle signs all over your caravan or vehicle, then you can leave a lasting impression with anyone who drives past and sees your vehicle.

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