Spring Rain | #73 Black&White

Teens on the Streets, our neighborhood

“Partly Cloudy”

Black-eyed Sue
white with sunshine tears
light spring rain

Copyright © 2015-12-03,
by Lizl Bennefeld.


A second haiku on the theme.

I did not, of course, have any photographs of Black-eyed Susans in the rain. However, seven years ago and earlier, a friend (Friend) from the Twin Cities who spent her summers in her lake cottage somewhere to the east southeast of our town in the Minnesota lakes country, would invite us to meet at her place for worship. During the summers meetings for worship were lightly attended, and we met for worship only once a month during the summer. It was an enjoyable setting. And beautiful wildflowers grew on her property, including Black-Eyed Susans. And hummingbird feeders were strung outside along the sliding door, and the beautiful birds were alternately a meditation or a distraction from worship.

There also was a long, gently sloping path from the top of the hill to the reedy bay with its dock. And there was a canoe or a row boat. I cannot remember which, since I only watched others go out onto the lake after worship and potluck lunch. The memories of those meetings are special. I was sorry that those summer get-aways faded away and that the meeting was laid down as the number of attenders dwindled as people moved away. (This is not Quaker country.)



Black-eyed Susans (I think…) and other flowers

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