Only a Moment

Submitted to Poetry 101 Rehab,
currently hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Moments

“Only a Moment”

The moment between today and forever 
is a breath released and 
not breathed in again


Copyright © 2015-08-24, by Liz Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.

The “inspiration” for this poem is, of course, my general blog on WP: The Moments | Between: It’s the Moments That Matter. While one cannot record all the moments between now and eternity, it is not futile to record mundane moments as each becomes present.

10 thoughts on “Only a Moment

    1. Thank you. I do work to find the exact wording that will convey what I want to say with the proper nuances. Sometimes it comes easily, and sometimes decades have passed before I’ve gotten it sounding right to my inner ear. When in doubt, I start removing words, rather like playing jackstraws, and when the word pile collapses, I start putting in words again. 😀 It’s something I enjoy doing, the process of poking at what I’ve written.



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