Just Thursday Blog Hop: Mundane

The Moments Between

an old sampler by an earlier Elizabeth in our familyFamily Hand-Me-Down

What, after all, is mundane?

As the parents are entering the next stage of life, which mother terms simplification, we children are receiving some hand-me-downs. In addition to mother’s giving me some of the gifts she has received from me over my lifetime, I am now providing a home to my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth Dean Owen’s sampler, which has been framed to preserve it…who knows how long? She was born, I think, in 1823.

This has gotten me thinking about items that have come into my possession that I’d hate to see tossed out as junk or sold as part of a miscellaneous box at an estate auction. The first is a gift given to my mother, which she has treasured and now passes back to me to preserve it from the aforementioned auction: a fired, glazed stoneware, Fantastical Nightbird (Thank you, Liz Danforth!). I myself treasure a couple…

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