Forever Dreams (poem)

Poetry 101 Rehab with Mara Eastern
Prompt: Sleep

Forever Dreams

Like the shooting star that’s always behind you,
like the watched pot that never boils
even when all Hell catches fire and overflows,

Death will not come until you fall asleep
and dream of all your yesterdays,
revisit all the bright tomorrows
you’d never recognized when you
created them for others.

Liz Bennefeld (Copyright © 2015-06-15. All rights reserved.)

16 thoughts on “Forever Dreams (poem)

    1. I don’t think there is a “right” reaction. I like to think of poems as “prompts”, sort of. Each person reads the poem and responds to it in a personalized way; of course, because many people have experiences in common, their responses to the poem may be similar. That being said, I also had a wake-up moment myself as I was rewriting/fine tuning the poem. I’m glad you like it!

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        1. It’s better, I think, not to share honest reactions out of consideration for others, if you think someone is going to be upset by them, but you should not hesitate because of fear. Keep control over your own reality, rather than bending to others’ perceptions and opinions.

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