While I started out using “Liz” as my nickname on the Internet, I decided to make a change. Just out of college, when my common nickname was Bess, I decided that I much preferred Lizl, a variant of Liesl or Liezl; I pronounce it with two syllables (leez’ ul). My family called me by my given name (still do, mostly), and friends and former customers have also done so, or else whichever nickname has suited them: Bess, Betty, Betsy, Liz, Lizzie, &c.

It finally occurred to me that this is one place where I can choose and maintain the nickname of my choice. I started my Stray Coffee Breaks blog using Lizl, and have since made the switch on this site, also. My apologies to people who are fond of or used to another nickname. Please feel free to use the name with which you are comfortable.

E. W. “Lizl” Bennefeld