Tempted to Silence (Day 18, NaPoWriMo)

Brewer: For today’s prompt, write a temptation poem. Nearly everyone is tempted by something: fame, glory, money, chocolate. Today is the perfect day to give in to the temptation to write about your (or “a friend’s”) temptation. Also, I totally understand the temptation to write about The Temptations today.

Tempted to Silence

as the years move on
as I move with them
or we go separate ways

I have less to say
there is less to hear
around me that inspires…

I don’t know what I miss—
words of kindness, uplifting
without self-serving thoughts

a different world, perhaps,
outside the door…with hope
for more than me and mine and yours

If I were alone, again
if there were no one to care
if I were there or here

I would take a lease
on a cabin in the woods
for enough years to die

listening to rain and bird calls
wind and ice and hearth fire
pencil scratching paper

the opening of a door

Copyright © 2018-04-18, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld.

Source: my Quiet Spaces journal: The Written Word at Home.


Day 15 – If I were a garden | #NaPoWriMo2018

late-spring garden

Source: Day 15 – If I were a garden | #NaPoWriMo2018 with some changes.

[rough draft — song lyrics?]

I sometimes wish I were a garden
filled with roots, berries and such
I’d renew both dirt and harvest
sending seeds throughout the Earth

I always wished I had big shoulders
broad and strong to share life’s cares
I’d wrap my arms around the crying
help transform their tears to joy

I often wish I were a spirit
floating high above the world…
I’d watch closely for the hurting
seek to foster hope’s rebirth


Copyright 2018-04-15, by Elizabeth Bennefeld.

Cayahoga library: Katerina Stoykova-Klemer has written, “Often I Wish I Were// a potato.// Eyes opened/ in all directions.” Begin a poem with “Often I wish I were” and complete the stanza with…” and see where that takes your poem.

Day 9: Who We Were | #NaPoWriMo2018

I thought I would include a link to this”Who We Were” post on Quilted Poetry also, because after the poem that I wrote for the April 9th prompt, I included a related poem that my late mother had asked me to write for the introduction to her second genealogy book (published in 2004).


I decided to go back to April 9, to the Pilgrimage prompt, and wander a bit through the family tree. My mother was a genealogist, among other things, and we kids got to do research, each in our turn…

Source: Day 9: Who We Were | #NaPoWriMo2018