In or Out? Prompt: Fence

garden fence, our backyard fence, and neighbors' wire mesh fences
The Scampers & Three Fences

there’s new mesh fencing
just outside our backyard fence…
keeping rabbits out

hidden in my flower garden
new burrow, new-sown seed

Copyright © 2018-06-02, by Lizl Bennefeld.

Our backyard neighbors, being annoyed at the neighborhood rabbits eating in the backyards, have put mesh fencing (“chicken wire”) along our ~120-foot fence. And so the rabbits have no quick way to escape into our yard when chased. Last fall, we bought a set of sturdy metal decorative fencing units to keep the Scampers from wandering through my wildflowers, looking for lost toys, found bunnies, or interesting ‘tween-meal snacks.

This morning, the first outing of the day, before the rain started up, again, I spotted a section of the wildflower garden with no vegetation towering over flowers. Sure enough! Needing a safe place to hide a family, the rabbit dug a burrow in the midst of my wildflowers. Cleared a swath! That would be the rabbit that the Scampers chased out of the yard when we first came out.

rabbit burrow (close-up) in the midst of the garden.
Home, Sweet Home

In the renewed rainfall, I have scattered a packet of basil seeds and what was left of last year’s wildflower mix around the burrow in hopes that it will hide the entrance and keep out the afternoon’s bright sunlight. While I do pull out the long grass in the garden and nonflowering clover and such, I let volunteer flowers (sweet clover, a few dandelions, white campion, &c.) grow among the flowers for which I bought new seed.

Best wishes for your day!

The current rabbit population looks to be descendants of Sam’s Rabbit.


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