Much absent

Due to both of my computers developing nonrecoverable disk drive problems, I am a bit behind on everything, now. I’ve finally gotten a cheap computer, which I’m trying to set up. It does not save my passwords for me! My next step is, I think, to try to set up my email on the desktop computer that’s been doing nothing for years other than processing SETI@Home data, since it’s still got Windows Live Mail on it, which I need for some of my domain mail.

Three weeks ago, I bought for myself (a birthday present) a leather-cased journal, thinking to get back into writing poetry by hand. This has turned out to be a good thing, because it gives me a total change of pace from the battle with passwords and backups and restores.

Once everything shakes down and a routine establishes itself, I will return to the process of figuring out what I need in a computer that will accommodate my art work and photo editing, also, and not just the writing, communication and social interactions.

Believe I will cross-post this to The Moments Between and (quite properly) The Art of Disorder.

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