Learning to Write Poetry

books on Japanese poetry written by Naomi Beth Wakan

To continue with the “getting on” process, a few days before my final session with the grief counselor, first week in August, I signed up for a four-week workshop on writing poetry: Introduction to Japanese Poetry. It’s online (via email). We’ve had two weeks on writing a proper haiku, and this week is about tanka (and the many differences between the two).

A marvelous experience, digging into this, working on perceiving “the moment” even more than I usually do and in a different way.  Extremely challenging and very much fun!  (I despair, at times, but it’s a lot of fun trying.) Her comments and critique are spot on. Helpful and constructive.

After signing up for the workshop, I bought two of her books (see above), which I am saving to look at after I have done all the exercises, completed the workshop, and feel that I need a refresher or reminders of what the workshop instructor has tried to teach me.

I suspect that I will seek out other opportunities for expanding my experience and developing skills in writing poetry that involve more than simply reading books.




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