Waiting for the Longer Dream

“Waiting for the Longer Dream,
Waiting for the Night”

Days have become so small, waiting
dozing and waiting for the light,
for people noises —
the sounds of morning

A moment of food,
then doze
sleep until another
bit of taste

Sleep — a nap —
and so the wait
for lunch?
for dinner?

Try again to doze
this night too

to sleep

to dream

“Waiting for the Longer Dream, Waiting for the Night”. Copyright © 2017-02-11, by E. W. Bennefeld.

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the Longer Dream

    1. My mother, nearly blind and with rapidly advancing dementia, went into the emergency room, and then the hospital, after a fall at home. She had refused to have medical attention or to be moved from the family home. She went from hospital to a care center near us, under hospice care, where she died two months later. She had given me medical power of attorney.

      What I have written is my perception of her experience during the last few weeks of her life, when she didn’t know who I was and was … waiting to go home to her mother and father. So that they could talk together again in heaven and feel love and be happy. She just shut down. Refused to respond and died unexpectedly in her sleep.

      Mom was a WW II veteran (Navy), and I believe that her name will be added to the town cemetery’s war memorial (picture above) with the next update of the names of the veterans buried there. My father’s name also, when he dies. He was the cemetery sexton until about eight years ago.

      Mom died at the middle of November, and a month later we celebrated her life on a Friday evening and our father’s 100th birthday party was held the next morning.



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