Patterns of Humanity

river flooding 2009

On 18 June 2015, Reuters published an article by David Auerbach, “A child born today may live to see humanity’s end, unless…”, discussing the statement by the late Frank Fenner, a microbiologist, that humans will be extinct in a hundred years due to “overcrowding, denuded resources and climate change.”


“Broken Patterns”

Patterns overhead,
light brown branches, stripped bare
now, their leaves underfoot

Beneath our feet, the ground
crackles, turns to dust and ash,
dried, fractured by cold

When the snow falls here,
cast the dust across it, seeds
to raise up new trees

Patterns of footsteps across the snow,
paw prints in the mud beside rivers,
trails cut through forests,
smoke from chimneys

Patterns of seasons,
fields burned bare for planting…
caves underground, sand and rock,
ready for fruits of autumn hunt and harvest

Patterns are broken,
late snow blown away by inland hurricanes,
mud cast up in summer by torrential rains rushing
through dry valleys, over hills

No smoke, no dry wood, no chimneys
visible above the water, fields retreat
beneath bottomless lakes

Humankind is the crop turned over,
laid out in rows,
the final hunt and harvest done

Patterns. Copyright © August 2010/March 2015, by Lizl Bennefeld.


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