Childhood Halloweens

Once again, I have written and recorded (.MP3) a new poem for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s (SFPA) annual Online Halloween Poetry Reading page, curated this year by Stace Johnson. It is accompanied by a photo-art piece, “Where Monsters Dwell” (below).

Currently, the page contains recordings of poems by 15 members of the SFPA and a variety of seasonal photos/art.  (Deadline for submissions by SFPA members only is October 26, 2016. Information is on the page) The page also contains links to previous years, going back to 2006, when Karen Romanko and I put together the first one with myself as the editor. (The idea was Karen’s, and we had fun with it.)

There are not so many Trick-or-Treaters in our neighborhood as there used to be. I miss the tiny princes and princesses, ghosts and pirates and superheroes. This year, our dogs will not greet the children, being only ten months old and not so used to being confronted with people they do not know. Perhaps next year, when the Scampers are more thoroughly socialized. Must remember to segregate the candies by allergens. Not so sure about buying non-candy treats, since we would have to toss the ones not given away. Any leftover candy would be eaten eventually by one of us.

Comfortable morning, so far. I not only slept through my alarm, but didn’t even hear it in my sleep. I should make breakfast for myself before the Scampers wake up, again, and want to be fed their lunch.

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