Endless Revolution | Poetry 101 Rehab

In response to Poetry 101 Rehab Prompt “Revolution
Hosted by Andy Townend


“Endless Revolution”

Around the Sun, its revolution bound by gravity, the Earth’s confined to pointless repetitions of its path. No new interests but the Sun’s spots, coronal loops along magnetic field lines and mass ejections in its outer atmosphere.

Perhaps some meteors or comets, much smaller, might avoid the boring revolutional repeats, passing seeming randomly between the staggered planets’ revolutions midst asteroidal ellipses, just might be tempted closer to Earth’s orbit, pulled in closer to the atmosphere to burn and shine.

near Earth asteroids—
almost misses, one and all
or . . . target practice.

“Endless Revolution”. copyright © 2016-02-19, by Lizl Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Endless Revolution | Poetry 101 Rehab

  1. I was listening to a presentation just a couple of days ago on weather. I was madly jotting down things to read into further and was struck by the poetry of it all, particularly the imagery of solar filaments causing magnetic storms- I’ll think about it further before writing a poem. Lovely poem Lizl!

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    1. Thanks so much! And yes, weather is fascinating. For many years, my husband (Al) and I were weather spotters for the National Weather Service as a part of our Amateur Radio group. Always something new to learn and see. I hope that I will see your poem.

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        1. Al and I are both licensed amateur radio operators. In addition to Skywarn, we have provided communication services for nonprofit fundraiser activities (walks, runs, bike-a-thons), the annual Fargo Marathon. In case of region or community-wide disasters, we are stationed at the hospitals, emergency services, and other points where we are needed to relay messages when other methods are inadequate or not available (e.g., telephone lines down, overcrowded or not-available cell phones, etc.).

          In 1997, when we had a flood emergency up and down the Red River that divides North Dakota from Minnesota, we for a long time were the only ones with communication links until we set up radio relay tower facilities for the Coast Guard. There was no way to get across the river to the north closer than Canada. We walked dikes, went out in our car to try to find routes for emergency vehicles to get to towns that were cut off from telephone service, electricity, heating, etc. (There was an ice storm in the midst that took down all the poles and lines.)

          Basically, a community resource, since we buy or build and maintain our own equipment. And so there are amateur radio bands reserved for us to use by the federal government.

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