6 thoughts on “Misty Mornings

  1. Beautiful Lizl. I can close my eyes and picture it. My children and I call it clouds sitting on the earth. Lovely loons…another thing that reminds me of home. Here we have the cuckoo that arrives in April and is a welcome sound, a sign of summer!

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    1. I don’t think that I ever have heard a cuckoo in person. Just recordings. I was surprised at their call’s being “coo-coo”. I had no idea they migrate so far south. Or that their migration is being tracked: “A location received from Vigilamus during the evening of 16 January showed that he had moved 600km (372 miles) north and west of his location in DRC. He is now in the north-west corner of Congo and close to the border with Gabon, so currently our most northerly Cuckoo. He is also our only Cuckoo that is currently north of the Equator and therefore in the northern hemisphere.” [http://www.bto.org/science/migration/tracking-studies/cuckoo-tracking] What fun!

      The loon’s call, to me, is haunting, hearing them call back and forth across the lake. We lived about 30 minutes driving time from lakes country in Minnesota, where many of my father’s aunts lived. Eerie in the middle of the night, their cries. 🙂

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      1. My goodness, that is fun. The Irish cuckoo head to Africa but from a recent radio show, I learned that not any of the tagged cuckoo from Ireland have ever returned. They do travel some distance!

        I agree about the cry of the loon. It is a very haunting sound in the night, especially when camping out. Thank you for that website connection.

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    2. I like the picture of the clouds sitting on the earth. Although the clouds are permeable, they are still barriers. When flying, I’ve often felt the urge to leave the passenger cabin to walk across the tops of the clouds, as though they are actual hills and valleys
      with spy holes in them. 😀

      It reminds me of riding home through the hills and valleys of the pine forest between our village and Bemidji (MN) State University, where we attended band clinic for a week each August during high school. The fog filled the valleys and sometimes also the high spots in the midst of the forest at night. I would get out and walk ahead of the car along the mid-line, and Mother would follow me in order to keep the car on the road, it was so thick.

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      1. Imagine, if only we could walk on clouds. That truly would be heaven!

        I find that kind of fog frightening to drive in. Your mother was inventive though wasn’t she? I would have extremely delighted to be the chosen one to be trusted with such a big task of walking the mid-line. Or maybe I would have been really really scared! Hard to say now 🙂

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        1. She drove at a slow walk, so it was no problem, other than walking on the median line so that I could tell where the center of the road was. My mother is definitely inventive. I certainly wasn’t scared, and I did want to get home and get some sleep. That last day was final rehearsals and concert (plus private group and individual lessons), and so by 10 p.m. I was burnt out. Mist in a pine forest in northern Minnesota in the middle of August. Yeah, that was a given, annual occurrence for us.

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