Trees & Rainbows – Haiku | Melissa & Lizl

The prompt for Ronovan Writes Haiku, this week, was Trill&Final. Melissa’s (@thearanartisan) response haiku, found in the midst of her post, Farewell to Winter, included the above photograph. Upon reading the haiku,ย I wrote one in response to her haiku and posted it on this blog. One led to others, and continued over the extended evening. The following is the result. My haiku are in italics, and Melissa’s haiku are boldfaced.


A thought to ponderโ€”
does a rainbow tickle earth
with coloured fingers?

Do earth’s trees caress
those rainbows with sweet branches,
in hopes they’ll linger?

Do rainbows fade and
trees weep when sundered by their
solar matriarch?

Do their gathered tears
create more showers, clearing
to make new rainbows?

Yes, their natural
instincts provide for endless
chances to beam bright.

And so do rainbows,
rain and sun combine to paint
skies with joyful light!

Then the patriarch
glints moonbows in the gloaming
while tree shadows dance!

Fireflies keep time…
Beneath tall mushrooms, Old Ones
play their flutes and sing.

Fairies flitter their
iridescent wings, a bid
to the jamboree.

Snails and butterflies
don saddles to gift the young
ground and airy rides.


And so we ended. Enjoy!

(The original back-and-forth is on The Aran Artisan FB page.)


20 thoughts on “Trees & Rainbows – Haiku | Melissa & Lizl

    1. Yeah, it was (is) great! Wish I hadn’t been so wiped; hadn’t expected the last one of my haiuk actually to pop out. But the time difference is a killer! Thanks gain for all the fun! Glad that you like the layout! Hope the cakes turned out! ๐Ÿ™‚



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