Warning: Do Not Thaw | Inspired by a Mara Eastern Photo

“do not thaw”

blood in ice,
like bees in amber,
acquired taste

“Do Not Thaw”. Copyright © 2016-01-13, by Lizl
Bennefeld. All rights reserved by vampires.

Inspired by Mara’s Photo 256/365: It’s Thawing Again.

Still stuck here in the recliner,
quietly . . . re-hydrating. That’s
my story, and I am holding onto it.

3 thoughts on “Warning: Do Not Thaw | Inspired by a Mara Eastern Photo

    1. When haiku in English entered the college scene here (middle 1960s) and I started reading translations from the originals (Basho, et al.), I was struck by the (mostly gentle) humor of many of them. I and my friends wrote hundreds of them. Some “authorities” insisted that in addition to the 5-7-5 pattern, the first and last lines of a haiku must rhyme.

      They’ve always delighted me, and it’s fun to see them take their place all these years later across genres. My first poem for a school assignment (5th grade, when I was 10 years old) was genre: science fiction, inspired by The Stars Are Ours, by Andre Norton. Not a haiku, though, and at least a page’s worth. 😀


      1. A rhymed haiku? Never heard of such requirement… It’s great that your teachers and friends didn’t stifle in you your appreciation of poetry. I started writing small pieces what I thought was quite early too, but definitely not the fifth grade! As to science fiction poems, I absolutely love those by Edwin Morgan.



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