No Meaningful Difference

Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab,
hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Fem

“No Meaningful Difference”

I’ve never really
understood what’s masculine,
feminine, or why

the world, a sea change,
settling me on distant shores,
I charted my path

one person—
blend of many traits—
filled with joy

“No Meaningful Difference”. Copyright © 2016-01-04,
by Lizl Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

In my home of origin, no distinction was made as far as KP duties, household chores, interests or activities. My reading was not noted, each parent sharing their own favorites (which often overlapped). Wardrobe contents were, as my mother said, merely costuming choices. My interests were supported, as were those of my (six) siblings. I will confess that we were taught to not conform or judge, but to make our own paths in the world.

However, my mother was quite impressed by The Natural Superiority of Women (by Ashley Montagu) and quite articulate concerning such issues.

17 thoughts on “No Meaningful Difference

      1. Do you have children? Is so, fod you take the same approach. I’m currently reading a parenting book called ‘furure proof your child’ – really sound advice on raising balanced, resiliant, compassionate little people.

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        1. If I had decided to have children, I am sure that I would have. I was, however, 8 years into my second career and 45 years old before I married (he’s about 6 months older than me). We both are intensely focused and had pretty much decided earlier in our lives that while we like children, we would not be good parents.

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    1. I don’t know if this would interest you, but talking about parents, my mother’s web site is here: — Dad’s 99 years old and they’re still living in the family home, so she has not spent a lot of time on the Internet recently (aside from shopping for groceries, computer accessories, etc.), but I’m an administrator for her WordPress site. She got her first computer when she was 74, I think.That’s my roots, there. The generations.

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      1. Well, know I am curious (Okay, that’s just my nature.. but still…)
        I like the approach you took for the prompt.
        The slightly nonchalant sound makes the words so much clearer.

        (Tell your mother she can be proud of herself having a blog at her modest age because according to our stuck-up-society old people are not taking the modern developement that well. 😉 )

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    1. I am by temperament ill suited for parenthood. However, it does appear that those of my siblings who had children, and also their offspring, most of them now raising their own children, are pretty much carrying on the tradition as fits this current era. It’s fun to watch. I now am beginning my 70th year, seldom dated per se, and did not marry until age 45. I liked living alone. 🙂

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