Odyssey of Education and Reading

Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Odyssey

“An Odyssey of Education and Reading”

Age 1—Highchair (1947-1948)

Brand-new Golden books
Parent-chosen mealtime bribes
Two pages = 1 bite

Age 2—Feeding myself (1948-1949)

What are magazines?
Letters beneath the pictures
Read it to me NOW!

Age 3—The Small Screen (1949-1950)

First TV in town?
Learning phonics, art basics
Illustrating Grimms’

Age 4—Politics and Brontë (1950-1951)

War! Good-bye, Daddy!
book with woodcut art: Heathcliff
loses all to hate

Age 5—Starting school (1951-1952)

Newsweek! Trilobites!
first-grade soap carving project!
“Carve something RE-AL!”

Flipped the trilobite
carved a coracle. Oh no!
school bats 0 for 2

Age 6—Grade 2 Priority: Jump Rope? Really? (1952-1953)

no more recess! Ever!
discovered classroom’s Compton’s*
…parents bought me it 😀

*an illustrated encyclopedia

Age 7—Grade 3 Capitulation (1953-1954)

A’s: Conduct, Effort
hid The Silver Chalice in
the assigned textbooks

“Odyssey of Education”. Copyright © 2015-12-29,
by Lizl Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

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