Among Friends | Poetry 101 Rehab

Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Fallacy


“Among Friends”

Good evening, friend table! Would it trouble you,
were you and I to share this supper hour
at close of day?

Be welcome, friend. Bring your plate and bowl,
your silverware and mug, to my broad leaves.
Friend chair will also bid you welcome.
Won’t you? Friend chair, wake up!
You’re called upon.

How has your day been, friend table? chair?
Has the sun shown brightly through the
space between those sweet curtains
who share this room with you?
Sunlight soon gone again, but I
value its warmth, the view.

If the walk were not so far, the burden
not quite so heavy, friend, chair—
and I also. We’ve discussed it—
might enjoy a visit to the room
who sees the sun arise, greet
the morning sky as we do
welcome now its softer,
dimmer rays.

I, too, my dear…my only friends, would love
to share that view. And also
walk with you along the shoreline
at midday to see if it is true
that none of us would
see our shadows
on the golden

Copyright © 2015-12-14, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld (Lizl)
All rights reserved.

Pathetic Fallacy: Attribution of human emotions and responses to inanimate objects, animals, or nature.


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