Shaping Who We Are | Poem


“Shaping Who We Are”

Every choice we make is
recognition of who we are,
a decision shaping who we
will become, because of
memories that live forever.
Strengthened, reinforced
by like decisions that inform
the inner landscape, we construct
a life line with small, seeming
insignificant decisions.

Hills and valleys, streams of dreams
within the mind, reflected
in our words and actions,
pour through us—river, stream,
or sweeping tide of oceans,
nourish…or decay the world
we decide to live or die in.

Each decision strengthens
or erodes the path that
leads to where we really want
to live forever, no matter what
our lips and voices murmur,
scream, or sing with joy.

“Shaping Who We Are”. Copyright © 2015-12-05,
by Lizl Bennefeld, Fargo, ND USA.


Still batting this one around because it is and has been a significant factor in my life. Decisions and change, balance and becoming. Evolution and recognition. (See “Decide”. )

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