Fire Ants Go to War | Ronovan Writes #72 Life&Give

fiery warriors thrive
in those churning, mound-shaped nests —
save your life … give way

Copyright © 2015-11-24, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld.

Fire Ants “bite onto you (or other enemies, intruders or prey) with their jaws and then inject a dose of venom with the sting on the rear end of their body. Their sting is not only painful, but for some people this can be a real problem since it can result in anaphylactic shock or even death in very extreme cases.” [].

Since I am quite allergic to many insects’ bites, I am happy to know that the Red Imported Fire Ant is unlikely to survive in blessedly frigid North Dakota. We did, as children, have several Ant Farm Habitats and enjoyed watching them build their tunnels. None of the colonies survived. Which is just as well, everything considered. One of my younger brothers deliberately smashed one of them. We had enough trouble with the baby garter snakes getting loose in the house without routinely adding ants to the mixture.



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7 thoughts on “Fire Ants Go to War | Ronovan Writes #72 Life&Give

    1. Thank you! Pleased that you like the haiku.

      We are getting snow in good amounts, now, although the temperatures are getting above the melting point (briefly) during the days, still. I am glad to hear that fire ants are absent your location! The mere thought frightens me.

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