I’ve done some general Internet housekeeping, this month. In recognition of U.S. election year, I canceled my NY Times subscription to further isolate myself from news that drives me crazy.

Also, because I no longer am doing any commercial work and because of ongoing fatigue associated with allergies, I finally placed the call to cancel my commercial web hosting for (All of those email addresses are no longer mine.) Also gone are postcardart(dot)net, thewrittenword(dot)net and quietspaces(dot)net. None of those four are up for renewal until sometime in 2017, so nothing should be active for them until they start expiring and get picked up by someone else more than a year from now. QuiltedPoetry(dot)net is hosted by WordPress, and is staying.

I intend to continue using WordPress, because the service takes care of itself, aside from slipping in low-contrast posting themes. I may have to try out the new stuff with a Windows high-contrast option.  I still have the patchwork prose site where my husband has his site and domains, and I intend to keep that, if nothing else, to have a place to upload audio files.

Changes get made, I find, when I start recovering as the fall allergy season ends.

I should take advantage of the increased level of energy, today, to also catch up on the kitchen clean-up.




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