Domestic Chores | Ronovan Writes #70 Crane & Gold

The Golden Palm Weaver’s
Domestic Chores

Stretching out his neck
he plucks a gold leaf-fiber
to adorn his nest.

  Copyright © by E.W. Bennefeld, 2015-11-09. All rights reserved.

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About the Golden Palm Weaver: “As it is the case for most weaver species, it is the male Golden Palm Weaver that weaves the nest. This elaborate structure is made of fine leaf-fibers, grass or twigs. The male then uses the finished nest to display and attract females. At the Birds of Eden site, there is a page that provides a photograph of bird and nest and more information about Golden Palm Weavers.

I replaced “crane” or “craning” with “stretching out”. I enjoy the company and sounds of birds. Quite a few remain in the area during the winter, and others from farther north winter over, here in North Dakota. There are seeds in our garden and berries in our shrubs. I would like, this year, also to put out suet for them, if the winter turns harsh or brings deep snow.

My next chore in getting ready for winter is to put foam blocks in the gazebo’s eaves, so that no birds can fly in there and become trapped. Although I enjoy sitting out there when it is cold—the sun on clear days helps to heat the gazebo, which is eight-sided and has double-pane windows, and there is also a space heater, which I can run on “low”. It is a restful place to think and write (except for summer’s heat). I am not always able to get out to the gazebo when the weather is bad, and birds that come in out of the wind cannot always find their way out, again.

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