Together | Poetry 101 Rehab: Talk

Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Talk


having coffee at the church
The Both of Us
Nobody wanted just
to talk with me all night
until you. We talked about all
sorts of subjects, and we didn’t
always see things the same.

You listened to my heart,
my head, my words sharing my
truth. You didn’t listen
for echoes of what you stated
to the world the day before.

Listening keeps us grounded.
Talking keeps us sane.
Sharing keeps our love alive.

Copyright © 2015-10-27, by Elizabeth W. Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.

This was something that both of us found marvelous and refreshing. We’d each quit socializing about ten years before we got together. People we found ourselves with didn’t seem to want to visit, get to know each other, but rather wanted someone to go places with. They needed not to be seen out alone. I guess we got tired of being an anchor rather than the main attraction for the evening. Someone to sit there and listen, while the person we’d come with talked to acquaintances who’d showed up at the same place. Conversation, verbal interaction as well as shared space and shared tasks, keep the relationship fresh and new.

P.S. Himself likes the poem, too.

10 thoughts on “Together | Poetry 101 Rehab: Talk

    1. Another aspect, I think, is that there should be a good mix of commonplace talk, humor, talking because talking is fun. One of the “problems” I have observed is avoiding or putting off talking for fear that there is a specific (most likely negative) issue that will be addressed. Communication flows more easily when there is a preponderance of positive, constructive and observational talk to keep things balanced. That’s also a good reason for dealing with problems or differences promptly: so that problems don’t sour the expectations associated with talking/listening. It should be safe, in other words, to talk.

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        1. Thanks for responding, Andy, and for your response. 🙂 This prompt has been a good path to follow for thinking.

          I like your poem in particular because it provides a diagram (labyrinth, perhaps?) of available/mixed reactions to talking. And possibly a wider perspective on relationships in general. Nicely done!

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          1. Thank you Liz. I really appreciate your observation on my poem which in turn was informed by my own experience of the difficulties experienced when we encounter differing expectations in relationships, especially when it comes to communication and talking in particular…

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    1. My problems with the German are not insurmountable, even though I only studied it for two semesters in college (and memorized a lot of poems, which I mostly have forgotten.) Thank you for the nomination, but I am not outgoing enough to nominate even one person, let alone eleven. I quail at the very thought! 😀


      1. I know what you mean … That part took me longer than anything else because there are so many Blogs I would have loved to nominate :O

        If you don’t want to than that’s absolutely fine.

        And… You said you have mostly forgotten the poems. Which ones do you still remember?
        Sorry for being curious

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  1. There was a prayer that started out “Herr, gib uns was du willst” — And I don’t remember seeing the text, anymore, but only the words by the sound as I spoke them. Die Lorelei, of course, and another by Heinrich Heine (I think) that started with (and perhaps was titled) “Wo wird einst des Wandermuden” (…letzte Ruhestatte sein?). That would have been in 1965-1966, when I was enrolled in Organic Chemistry, We were to be able to read Organische Chemie (by Karrer?) in the original.

    I loved the German poetry and songs (Lieder?), but became ill from the chemical fumes in the zoology and chemistry laboratories, and so switched from Chemistry and Mathematics to complete English Literature and Philosophy majors during my junior and senior years in college.



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