Born of Love

BeWOW Network of WritersSometimes, the smallest gifts mean the most.

Written as a gift to my parents, Christmas 1987, suitable for framing. I had left corporate for freelance writing and editing and did not have any money for presents, that year, so I wrote the poem before I headed home on Christmas morning and then rewrote it on a good paper.

“Born of Love”

You taught me how to stand apart,
to understand and be myself.
You gave me the courage to walk alone
when none would join me.
You showed me how to look through words
into the worlds that others live in.

You taught me how to listen
with my heart and dare to make
no judgments
but those born of love.

What does that #BeWoW mean? Be Writing on Wednesday to Be Wonderful on Wednesday and make the world a better place to visit.” See Ronovan’s site, Ronovan Writes for his contribution, more information, and links to other people’s contributions.

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5 thoughts on “Born of Love

    1. Thank you, Anne, for your comment. It was for the longest time prominent in the display cabinet in their living room, nicely framed. I think that I last saw it in their TV lounge. I wrote the poem and gave it to them 28 years ago. Such a long time!


  1. Reblogged this on Stray Coffee Breaks and commented:

    I’ve participated a couple times, now, in #BeWoW (Be Writing on Wednesday to Be Wonderful on Wednesday – with Ron at RonovanWrites). This time I have chosen to write about a gift that was given.



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