Poetry 101 Rehab: Refuge

Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab
hosted by Andy Townend
Prompt: Driving

WInter's Solitude

by Liz Bennefeld

I welcome the sweet sounds of autumn’s end
and onset of the winter’s quietude.
Denizens of nature in the woods find
deeper dens and curl up to sleep,
treasuring their energies until the time
to chase or nose out their next feast.

Long nights of silences and contemplation
of a white landscape that encourages repose
provide the time and emptiness that nourish
dreams: imaginings of people, places, vows
kept or broken, far from this exile place.
Stories never to be told, endings never known.

The driving rains, the ice, the winter snow
protect all that is wild until the summer’s glow.

Copyright © 2015-09-015, by Liz Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

A not sonnet involving my fantasy of someday spending the fall and winter in a log cabin on a mountainside, somewhere in the wilderness. I cherish long stretches of uninterrupted time for writing, talking aloud to myself, looking out the window for hours on end at the driving rains or snow, and thinking or just taking it all in.

19 thoughts on “Poetry 101 Rehab: Refuge

      1. When younger the NYC subway or feet did just fine…now I’m in a smaller city, on the edge of one really. I can walk some places, but a car is necessary.

        Not as easy to travel by ‘whim’ these days… 😉 Nice to meet you ~ Jules

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        1. I’m pleased to have met you, also, Jules.

          I grew up in a small town (pop. 1200) in northwestern Minnesota, about 25 miles east of here. To get to the “big city” of Fargo, ND, I could pay a nominal sum to ride the local/commuter train, which stopped at the depot on Broadway. My folks had no idea how far afield I wandered as a child. 🙂 I enjoyed visiting Manhattan (in 2007). I think I would have liked living in NYC.

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          1. It was interesting to live in NYC in the mid 1960’s as a pre-teen. Parents back then weren’t like a good many ‘helicopter’ parents now.

            Once while camping in NJ I wandered perhaps farther than I should have on parts of the Appalachian trail, but I made it back. It is a bit of a different world from country to city, from then and now.

            I think though I wandered more with my writing…though I’ve never yet made a profession out of it. Forty-five years is a long time to be doing one thing. Mostly poetry, but I’ve also gotten into flash fiction. I have mixed a few of Andy’s prompts with some wordle/ word list prompts and – go to town.

            I’m in SW, PA not far from Lancaster. Jules is a nom-de-plume.
            Short for JulesPaige because words are like ‘jewels on a page’ 🙂

            Hubby and I have two of our own, and now I’m sort of retired, but not really…since my grand-parenting duties now entail mostly watching our youngest grandchild five days a week.

            Manhattan has changed quite a bit since I lived there. Visits are good. But home is best.


            1. I wrote a poem about growing up in my small town, one I think you may enjoy: Right-of-Ways.

              One of my long-time Internet friends, Pam Casto, does Flash Fiction. I read her newsletter, but I have written very little of that, and not usually for submission. Writing, although I wrote my first SF poem in 5th grade, has not been my primary creative output. Did a lot of music from the time I could reach the keyboard sitting in my mother’s lap; before WW II she had hoped to pursue vocal music professionally. My dad also sang (Irish tenor) for fun, and all of us kids played in bands and/or orchestra or sang. Frustrated artist, but when my husband bought a digital camera in 2003, I got interested, and started selling my photo work online and locally in 2004; just closed that down this spring.

              I was not enthusiastic about the idea of marriage until late 1991, when I reconnected (thanks to one of my résumé customers) with a fellow I’d dated briefly twenty years before . Our 23rd anniversary is at the end of the month. I started out after college as a computer programmer, and he was a mainframe field technician for Burroughs/Unisys after he got out of the service.

              It is such a grand, large world we live in.

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              1. I’ve used JulesPaige for years but everyone kept adding a space where there was none. And then it just got shortened – So that is what I go by ‘net-wise’. 🙂

                I had a grandmother Julia and a grandfather Jules. So It works for me 🙂

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        1. I understand that Tennessee enjoys moderate winters, so that should help somewhat. 🙂 We joke about our winters, here in eastern North Dakota/northwestern Minnesota. They are not for the faint of heart. I have rather enjoyed the days and weeks when the roads have been too packed with snow to make going anywhere at all inviting. Winter driving is an essential survival skill, anywhere there’s ice or snow on the roads.

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