Boundary of Fear

Boundary of Fear
by Liz Bennefeld

A boundary of fear encompasses my life,
protects my trembling heart and shaking hands
from reaching out to you for reassurance.
Familiar terrors comfort and protect me
from the urgent need to change, to grow.

Within that searing ring embraced,
I rest secure and safe, static and unchanging,
until sheer time would crumble and decay
what life, love, pleasure, joy, and laughter
may not erode or intrude unkindly on.

Submitted to Poetry 101 Rehab, hosted by Andy Townend. Poetry 101 Rehab | Prompt: Partitions.

One definition of partition is “boundary”. This poem, written in the late 1990s or very early 2000s, addresses internal partitions that expand to external ones, whether deliberately cultivated or not.

Note: At one time I participated in a low-volume mailing list owned by Loretta Kemsley, for Women Artists and Writers International. I wrote “Boundary of Fear” in response to a writing prompt that was published to the list.

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