On the Anniversary of Your Rebirth

“On the Anniversary of Your Rebirth”

{This poem was written in celebration of a friend’s
two years of sobriety in March of 1997.}

You are one of the few
who has dared to step outside
comforting illusions —
No more masks or hiding,
no more lies —
choosing to live as a real person
in a real world.

You have shown a bravery by your actions
that belongs only to heroes,
turning your back on familiar havens
to embrace the unknown,
daring to trust
when trust appears impossible,
throwing away all crutches and props
when you have felt least able to stand.

Unlike others, you confront yourself,
acknowledging the shadow side of who we all are,
rejoicing in the good and accepting flaws,
choosing with each day the better path,
aware of the true fragility and danger of each hour
from which most others hide,
unable to accept uncertainty and doubt.

When we, too, face the truths from which
we have so carefully shielded ourselves,
as someday we all must do,
we’ll look to you, respected elder sister,
to see the model by which to shape
our own bravery and our path,
daring, like you,
to live a life of true courage.

Copyright © 1997 by Elizabeth Bennefeld. All rights reserved.

Also available with permission at Yahoo Groups: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FOBWi/conversations/messages/19301

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