Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab:
Prompt: Away

by Liz Bennefeld

I’m hemmed in by familiarity.
I couldn’t breathe,
I couldn’t grow, here,
even if I tried.

I’ve got to walk
a different path a while,
meet new people,
think new thoughts.

Because we’re here together
I must remain the same.
I’m dying here,
and you won’t let me change.

Please understand.
I’ve got to go away.

Copyright © 18 August 1981, by Elizabeth (Wicker) Bennefeld.

I wrote this at a crossroad in my life, when personal and professional environments and relationships were in flux, and I was persuaded that I should explore junking the whole thing and start over elsewhere. Which decision I began to implement. Which resulted in even more chaos. Going away is not as easy as it sounds. It was, however, a good decision.

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