“Upon Waking” (Poem)

Mara Eastern’s Poetry Rehab 101:
Prompt: Dark


“Upon Waking from Deep Sleep to Tears”
by Liz Bennefeld

He is gone
and all is darkness

no one now alive
who hears my voice
and also listens
to my words

no one watches
for a gesture
of love or want
or need

from the sea swell
of humankind; that close voice
will not be — Forever will
not be his dear voice

the near-familiar face,
once turned around, will
never again be his

for all time forward
no arms to hold
safe or sweetly

I am unseen
unheard, silenced
until the end of time

None of them is he
who is lost
from the world


. . . dark

Copyright © 2015-05-18, by Elizabeth Bennefeld.

I went to sleep, last night, thinking of the many people whom I have loved and cared about over the decades. Inevitably, many have died long since. But what if my circle had contracted, rather than expanding?

What if that last light went out? If there were no correspondents left, no telephone numbers that connected me to friends or relatives or former colleagues? What if all the lights went out, and I were not sitting in my office waiting for my husband to wake up? Or, my dog, who also seems to be sleeping in, this morning.

4 thoughts on ““Upon Waking” (Poem)

  1. I wish you all the strength to cope with this terrifying experience. The upside to it is at least a wonderful though completely devastating poem. Thank you for sharing it.



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