Ending All

“Ending All”
by Liz Bennefeld

Are these tears born
of my sorrow, loss of all
that might come

Or are they tears
of fear, of too soon closure
to all that went before and
come no more?

The roads I chose then
not to follow, once I’d started.
and those I never gave a first
or second thought?

Surely not the paths I found
and took, tasting all
your various actions, thoughts
and joys!

The longing that disrupts
the joy of leaving life forever
is knowing that you now go on

Traveling roads that we’re not sharing,
thinking thoughts I’ll never know,
finding new life. Do, my dear heart!
Gladly, I now let you go.
Copyright © 2015.03.30 by Liz Bennefeld.
(First draft)

Poetry Rehab 101: The writing prompt was “End”.
Moving this (eventually) from my general blog.

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