Not Right Now (poem)

“Not Right Now”

No, I cannot come with you.
A poem is writing itself on my heart,
and I must wait to learn if it ever ends.

Copyright © 2015-04-13, by Liz Bennefeld.
All rights reserved.

“Not Right Now” was written in response to a poetry prompt [the word “no”] at Mara Eastern’s blog. She’s been facilitating a Poetry Rehab gathering by posting a prompt each Monday morning and her own poem using the prompt, and others post links to their own poems and read one another’s. I originally posted this at my general blog.

I read the prompt and her poem, and then headed to the kitchen to make coffee. Before I got through the kitchen doorway, I had to turn around to get to a computer, so I could write the above poem into a text file, so as not to lose it again. Less than a minute from first to last. Nothing left to do but return with my coffee cup and post the poem to the Poetry Rehab page. I do quite like it.

I should have links in here somewhere, but I am too sleepy to dig them out, right now.

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