As part of my “life simplification process” (LSP), I am trying to sort out my public life from my private life. Having free space on my desk, where I can sit down to work, is important to me. I’ve now accomplished that!

I can also clear work space at a second desk (which I did this morning) in less than a minute without losing anything, and not make clutter somewhere else.

My “Quilted Poetry” blog on WordPress is going to be a space for me to work on poems, and also to present some of the  poems that have been published previously, included in various chapbooks or published by myself on various web sites. is going to be something different: most likely, photographs, cooking, or other cozy activities characteristic of my old-age nesting activities.

Right now there is a problem at my hosting site for; I suspect that one of the plugins on my WordPress installation there opened a door for spam links that reinstalled themselves. The links were visible only when I was logged out, so it took me a while to figure out where the problems were coming from. I have deleted the related database and WordPress installation, and I’m not in any particular hurry to get it going again.

Later! In an idle moment when I need something to challenge me.


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