Mother’s Cookbook – 2005

“Mother’s Cookbook”

Look through tabs of Mother’s cookbook
for french toast with cinnamon
which we were used to devour
when children on a rainy Sunday
after church

Only recipes, now, and memories
of sticky hugs

Search among the tabs
just one more time
for Mother’s recipe
for love

– Elizabeth Bennefeld, Sept. 2005.

Reprinted in the December/January (2011?) print edition of ARTSpulse, The Arts Partnership, Fargo, North Dakota.

10 thoughts on “Mother’s Cookbook – 2005

  1. Such a perfect poem! Speaks to my heart. We are very blessed to have these memories of childhood Liz. My mom had a Betty Crocker cookbook, would be vintage now, that I have memories of her scribbles and dog eared pages within. Sadly it burned some years back in a house fire. I looked it up to buy her a replacement but they were hundreds of dollars and I don’t think it would have meant as much to her as to me so I didn’t bother. She hardly cooks now that we are all out of the house!


    1. For us it was the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. My mother was an outside auditor for Meredith Publishing before she enlisted in the Navy after Pearl Harbor. Brand loyalty! LOL

      My dad was a professional (short order) cook before WW II, and his mother worked as a cook for almost her whole life, so when my mother cooked something special, aside from regular meal times, it was a big deal.

      It is a sadness that your mother’s cookbook was lost to fire. I still have some appliance cookbooks (as for baked beans in the slow cooker) of my mother-in-law with comments, corrections, additions, and family secrets. Family treasures.


          1. I am feeling better after a five day tummy bug. It helped much when I went into work and told them I wouldn’t do the last two weekends of the season if they could get by without me. They were fine with it and I am so relieved. I was dreading it ever since school started up again. If there is a next year there for me, it will be much less hours there and more in the garden and with the family. Sometimes one must go through to see clearly! It was a nice summer but too much out of the home for me.

            Thanks for your well wishes and the same plus big HUGS to you Liz. 🙂

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